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so he does this thing…

it’s like one second omg

Garcia: Dayton, Ohio. You're on the air.
Morgan: I'd like to make a request.
Garcia: With that sultry voice? You name it.
Morgan: [laughs, asks for some obscure information]
Garcia: [supplies requested information immediately]
Morgan: That's a beautiful thing. Oh, one last favor. Look up the words 'sexy' and 'brilliant' in that computer of yours and tell me what you come up with.
Garcia: [grins, sits back in her chair] Look at that. It's me.
Morgan: You are a GODDESS, woman. Ciao!
Morgan: [hangs up phone, realizes several women in the room are staring at him]
Morgan: It was...it was a work call.


get to know me meme: [4/5] favorite friendships

Dr. Spencer Reid & Derek Morgan; “Okay, then, you do that. The moment you are wandering around the streets aimlessly, that’s when I’ll be concerned about you. Come on, pretty boy. Let’s get to work. “


Words. To. Live. By.

Hipster Ariel | via Facebook on We Heart It.

choosing the first day of school outfit




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また偶然の被り👯今日はタイトスカート被り💁 @bian0508